Spotter Catcher Services are a common requirement for most infrastructure and development projects across Queensland. The objective is to provide wildlife preservation efforts for significant species and general biodiversity during the disturbance of habitats associated with vegetation clearing. In order to achieve this it is imperative that Spotter Catchers are proficient in the handling of all wildlife species, understand the ecology of resident fauna and introduce a methodology that significantly limits interruption to machinery operators and fauna during the vegetation clearing process.

The request for Spotter Catcher services is a common requirement of Development Approvals issued by progressive Councils. Additionally the process figures highly in the mitigatory strategies applied to projects of State and Federal significance where endangered, vulnerable or rare fauna and associated vegetative communities are disturbed. Our methodologies and in field experience ensure a quality result for all biodiversity including species of high conservation value.

Our team has serviced clients in the private, corporate and government sectors. The general scope of our services includes:

  • Linear clearance for pipeline, road, and rail infrastructure;
  • Fauna retrieval from pits and trenches
  • Broad scale clearing for dam footprints, new mine sites and further existing mine expansion;
  • Residential development and subdivision;
  • Roadside vegetation clearing;
  • Aquatic fauna salvage and translocation including dam dewatering;
  • Single house lots and individual tree removal.

Spotter Catcher Services is the dedicated wildlife management division of Queensland Fauna Consultancy Pty. Ltd. which is fully licensed and accredited by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP), formerly the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA/QPWS), holding all relevant insurances to conduct Wildlife Spotter Catcher activities.

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